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Be advised:  Pursuant to OAC Policy 5 -  Pleadings, documents and other written communications regarding a case at the Office of Administrative Courts must be addressed to the Clerk of the Office. Written communications should not be addressed to a specific judge or other staff member of the Office.

Office of Administrative Courts
Denver Office

1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor
Denver, CO 80203

Main: (303) 866-2000

Email: OAC-GS@state.co.us
Email for Workers' Compensation: OAC-DVR@state.co.us
Fax OAC Denver (303) 866-5909
Workers' Comp Setting Line (303) 866-5881
General Services Answer Line (for all other cases) (303) 866-5626

Southern Regional Office

Workers' Compensation hearings in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

2864 S. Circle Drive, Suite 810
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Email Southern Office: OAC-CSP@state.co.us
Southern Regional Phone: (719) 576-2958
Southern Regional Fax (719) 576-2978

Western Regional Office

Workers' Compensation hearings in Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs and Durango

222 S. 6th Street, Suite 414
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Email Western Office OAC-GJT@state.co.us
Western Regional Phone (970) 248-7340
Western Regional Fax (970) 248-7341


Public Benefits hearings are generally held at the county department of human/social services in the county where the Appellant resides.