Initiating an Appeal

If you wish to appeal a decision to the OAC, you may request a hearing with the OAC by completing the Request for State Level Hearing Form or by submitting a written request for hearing to the OAC at 1525 Sherman St., 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. Your request must includes the following information: Your name, address, and phone number, the name of the agency or department who took the action you disagree with, the program(s) involved, and the name, address and phone number of anyone who will be representing you at hearing. Please include copies of any denial/suspension/termination notices you have received.  If you require assistance in completing your appeal, the OAC has compiled a list of organizations that provide low or no cost legal services throughout Colorado.

If you have received notice that your benefits have been suspended, discontinued or terminated you may request that your benefits continue during the appeal process. You may request continuing benefits at the time you request a hearing. Once the request is received, a judge will issue a Continuing Benefits Order that is mailed to your county department. Please be advised that the Continuing Benefits Order is not a finding by the judge that you benefits were improperly discontinued or that you qualify for continuing benefits. Each public assistance program has rules that govern when benefits may continue during an appeal period. Once the judge has signed the Continuing Benefits Order, it is the responsibility of the county department to determine if your benefits may continue and to reinstate them. The OAC cannot reinstate your benefits. If you believe the county department has failed to comply with the Continuing Benefits Order, you should address your concerns with the judge at the time of your hearing.

If your appeal or request for continuing benefits involves Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)benefits, also known as Food Assistance benefits, your request should be submitted to the Colorado Department of Human Services, SNAP Hearings Unit, 3550 W. Oxford Avenue, Denver, CO 80236.  The email for the Colorado Department of Human Services SNAP Hearings Unit is cdhs_snaphearings@state.co.us, and the telephone numbers are 833-847-0345 and 303-866-7285.