Law Clerks

"The Office has a law student clerkship program which provides students with experience in the judicial decision-making process. Law clerks are generally assigned to 3 judges for a period of time, and may rotate assignments to work with 6 or more judges during the course of a clerkship. Law clerks are extensively involved in the judges' work, attending hearings and assisting in drafting factual findings and legal conclusions. Clerks also prepare memoranda on complex issues of law. The clerkship program exposes students to the wide variety of administrative law issues handled by the Office, including professional and occupational licensing, public benefits and workers' compensation. Senior Judge Edwin L. Felter, Jr. coordinates the Office's clerkship program and may be contacted with questions about clerkship opportunities. His email address is:ed.felter@state.co.us and his direct line is (303) 866-5676.

"I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students. The judges gave me challenging work and the freedom to choose which areas I wanted to work within. The judges actually used the work I produced…Additionally, the judges were accessible and positive throughout. I have become more confident in my abilities and potential."

— Ryann MacDonald, Law Clerk, Summer 2007


"The internship not only met my expectations, but exceeded them…I would tell other students that this was the best opportunity I've had thus far in law school. I feel like I learned more (in terms of my writing abilities) than I have in the past two years of school."

— Elizabeth Leder, Law Clerk, Summer 2006


"Having an opportunity to get such a perspective on any issue is an invaluable one, and it becomes even more rewarding when you can relate to the issue and work together with ALJ mentors."

— Anastasia Fainberg, Law Clerk, Fall 2013


"I would highly recommend interning at the OAC. You work directly with the ALJs, and the projects you are assigned meaningfully contribute to the issues in front of the court.

This is extremely rewarding. And it also enables you to form nice relationships with the ALJs."

— Besse McDonald, OAC Law Clerk, Spring 2014